About Toe Drag Apparel

Toe Drag Apparel

While driving home from work on a Friday afternoon, I asked myself what I did today.  The answer was, "I convinced a million people to order Pizza Hut."

So, I pulled my car onto the side of the road and googled, "How do you make a sock?"  Found that I needed a graphic designer, so I googled for one.

I thought I was going into the socks business, subtle hockey socks for adults...  the thought was that hockey people could identify other hockey people by their socks, lol..   "Hey, you play hockey?"  "Yup, lemme buy ya a beer."

Was "I, I, I", now it's "we, we, we" who are all over the world, as "we" shipped to 22 countries last season.

Every August we host the Hockey/ Golf Gongshow golf outing.   120 hockey folks from Chicagoland and give all proceeds to the Chicago Diabetes Project, in the name of my 11 year old son Matthew, whom was diagnosed at age 2.    

This golf event is why Celly Sweaters were invented and how Gretzky became a customer.

We are growing and intend to become a hockey brand built by hockey players that hockey guys and girls can rely on when they're looking for authentic hockey and golf gear that helps them run with a lil swagger.    

Thank you for supporting our family,

Daniel Edison