Columbus Celly Golf Shirts
Columbus Celly Golf Shirts

Columbus Celly Golf Shirts

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Disclaimer - For custom shirts, please expect an approximate wait of five weeks for delivery.

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Our Toe Drag golf shirts are the coolest golf shirt you will ever own. Each of our shirts brings unique look for every occasion. If you love golf and hockey this is the perfect shirt for you. Each shirt is made with 100% polyester making our shirts anti-wrinkle and more comfy than any cotton shirt. We also make all our shirts with high quality dye sublimation. What this means is that none of our shirts are sewn with big heavy numbers or letters. This allows each of our shirts to have great mobility when worn, which is what every golfer wants and needs. This is not only great for golfers but for anywhere you go, whether its out to a restaurant a party, our Toe Drag shirts are a great conversation starter.

Normal 100% polyester shirts in store go for $70 or more for a plain colored shirt. With our unique look for $59.99 our shirt prices are lower than any big brand golf shirt.

Our shirts also make a great gift for your favorite golfing buddy. With our many shirt designs to choose from you wont have any trouble finding your favorites and the ones that fit your style.

We are confident that you will love our shirts and look great doing it. 

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