About Toe Drag Apparel

Hockey is family. Our community is unique, our bond is strong. Our teammates from squirts or atoms become brothers and sisters for life. Other sports are for staying in shape for hockey.

 Only hockey players and parents share in their hearts and soul the memories, the feelings of sleep walking to the cold car in winter as dad brushes the snow from the windshield.  Wiping the early morning grogginess from our eyes only once the smell of donuts and coffee greet us through the drive up window.  Precipitation on the doors to the rink, fog on the ice as the lights begin to warm up.  Hot drinks, cold rinks, quiet turns to voices as our team assembles in the locker room.  The bag skates, the tape balls, the pre-game chalk talks, the walk through the tunnel, the pats to our goalie’s pads, coming back to the bench with no air in our lungs, no gas in our tank, leaving everything out there on the ice.   Can’t wait for your next shift.

 Holding a lead with a minute left, the hotel hallways, jumping on the bed, crossing the border.  Shinny on the floor, the Queen’s highway, being the one at school who’s been to Niagra Falls.  Hotel naps, gear on the balcony, sweaty heads, blocked shots, playing through pain, not knowing where the lumps came from until after the game.  This is why we’re here, this is what motivates our office gear.  Dangle, baby, game on!